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More than 20 years of partnership with SMEs

The Profinpar private equity offering was created in 1997 by a group of investors whose investment activities were steered and coordinated by Profinpar, headed by Pierre Robin.

The two successive financing rounds brought together around twenty investors.

  • Investments were made in 26 niche companies (consolidated into 12 groups of companies), covering industrial as well as commercial and service activities, for a total amount of ± €25m.
    Profinpar has not set itself up as a traditional fund, but has remained an association of investors (club deals), each with an equivalent right to the investment.

1997-2016 : deal clubs I & II

Years of existance
Invested amounts

… and evolution of the Profinpar concept

In 2016, the Profinpar concept evolved and it was decided to create a Fund with a view to:

  • Perpetuate the approach and increase and consolidate the means of action
  • Optimise efficiency and broaden the scope of action
  • Consolidate governance
  • Broaden the pool of investors

Pierre Robin joined forces with Dimitri de Failly and Thomas Walgraffe to launch the Profinpar Fund 1, which began operations in 2017.

2017 : Profinpar Fund 1

Duration of fund
Subscribed amounts

An operational team

The management team favours a “business” approach over a “financial” approach

The team is made up of professionals with both operational and financial experience.

Their experience covers areas such as general management, governance, strategy, marketing, business and team development, change management, organisational behaviour, restructuring, post-acquisition integration, management tools, reorganisation of organisational processes, international project management and R&D, complemented by expertise in venture capital and private equity management in the start-up and growth phases (buying and selling SMEs, negotiation, structuring, monitoring and reporting, etc.).

The team has a solid track record and a deep understanding of business dynamics.

Rodolphe Blondiau


  • 13 years of transactional and team management experience as Managing Partner of Merodis, an M&A advisory firm focused on the mid-cap market
  • 3 years’ experience as a sell-side financial analyst for the small&mid cap Benelux team of ING Equity Markets
  • Management Engineer, Solvay Business School (ULB), Teaching Assistant in Political Economy, Solvay Business School (ULB)

Dimitri de Failly


  • Since 2016, partner at Profinpar
  • 9 years’ experience in an entrepreneurial family office: management of a multidisciplinary team, management of venture capital funds, various mandates, management and restructuring of holdings, real estate, etc.
  • 7 years’ experience in management consultancy: strategy, redefining organisational processes, strategic marketing, development strategies, policy advice at PwC.
  • Degree in Applied Economics (IAG-UCL)

Pierre Robin

Managing Partner

  • 25+ years private equity experience in three funds: Synerfi (Fortis Private Equity) and Profinpar
  • 9 years’ industrial experience: asbestos substitutes R&D manager and purchasing support for the Eternit Group (Etex)
  • Doctorate in Science and Bio-Engineering (UCL-IFP), Executive Master in Management from the Solvay Business School (ULB)
  • Various directorships, consultancies and academic assignments25+ ans d’expérience en private equity dans trois “fonds”: Synerfi (Fortis Private Equity) et Profinpar

Thomas Walgraffe


  • Since 2016, partner at Profinpar
  • 2 years interim management experience in SMEs
  • 20 years’ international operational experience in general management, commercial and technical positions for three industrial groups Umicore, Paul Wurth, CMI, including 11 years abroad
  • Proven experience in managing change, growth, decline, reorganisation and post-acquisition integration
  • Mechanical Civil Engineer (UCL), Executive MBA (Insead)

Our mission

  • create value for SMEs, family businesses and their shareholders,
  • by acting as a catalyst for their proactive development, their transfer or their optimisation,
  • through private equity investment,
  • combined with active and appropriate support,
  • using the expertise and networks of its investor-entrepreneurs, shareholders and family group managers.

Our values

  • professionalism
  • respect for entrepreneurs
  • good governance
  • sound financial structures
  • transparency
  • patience
  • ethics
  • benevolence

Investors with a passion for entrepreneurship


Active or former company directors based in the various target regions, to expand Profinpar’s network of contacts; they want to provide practical support in the analysis and investment monitoring phases.

find out more about our approach

Private investors

Essentially families looking to diversify their assets by investing in the local real economy, knowing where the capital invested will go.

Institutional investors

Institutional investment structures (insurers, banks, investment funds) wishing to diversify their investments and encourage Profinpar’s offer, which meets a real need.

Fund management team

By personally investing in the fund, the management team is demonstrating its confidence in the project.

« Experience is something you acquire just after you need it. »

Spanish proverb

Our fifty or so investor-entrepreneurs have a wide range of experience and skills