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What future for my SME?

By 02/12/2020November 29th, 2023News

Octobre 2020. Profinpar.

It is generally accepted that many of our businesses are family-run SMEs owned by managers in their sixties and beyond. These managers, who are considering taking a step back, are obviously asking themselves questions about their future and that of their company, especially if their heirs (the “next generation”) are not available to take over. According to our experience and the statistics, it’s not often that you find a successor who is both competent and motivated.

Some business owners decide to sell their business outright and appoint a business transfer intermediary to find potential buyers.

Alongside these ‘classic’ cases of outright sale, there are many more complex situations where the business is not in an optimal position to be sold, or where the owners are considering selling the business over time or in several phases.

The purpose of this contribution is to illustrate a number of such situations already implemented by PROFINPAR. These cases have been inspired by real-life situations and are therefore based on experience. The creation of asset value for SME shareholders is a subject that is often neglected.

Discover our thoughts on this subject in a note describing the criteria and conditions for success.

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