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Nexum Group and CMC Partnership Global join forces

By 10/11/2022November 29th, 2023News, 10 November 2022

We are pleased to announce that Nexum Group has acquired 100% of the shareholding in CMC Global Group ltd to form a new joint organisation.

This venture will bring together Proci’s two highest performing Affiliates. The company will continue to provide change management training, support, and consultancy services, helping individuals and client organisations build effective change capability.

Caroline Mørck Jensen, CEO of Nexum, speaks of the natural partnership between the two organisations:
“As major Prosci partners, Nexum and CMC have been in dialogue for many years, and we realised we were both keen to work together in a closer way. So, this acquisition is a natural next step in our relationship. By joining forces, we are in an even stronger position to serve our local and global clients, leveraging on the talents and working practices of two exceptional organisations.”

Nexum and CMC will operate throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia. As a result, client organisations can look forward to a greater breadth of training, service, and support, across a wider geographical spread and in more languages.

Continuing our strong partnership with Prosci, Nexum and CMC Global will deliver Prosci change management training and related consultancy services in the following territories: Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, South Africa, Tunisia and, UK.

With a combined staff of over 100 people, the merged organisations now bring even greater strength and commitment to existing and new clients in developing their capacity for individual and organisational change.

Michael Campbell, CMC Global’s Managing Director, speaks about the opportunities for clients and customers globally in this exciting new venture:

“After 22 years, operating as CMC, we are excited to join forces with Europe’s leading Prosci partner Nexum Group, to accelerate our joint growth. I believe that together, in this period of economic uncertainty, we can realise the vision of being able to serve better the individual and organisational change requirements of more customers in more countries, languages and cultures.”

Mark Dorsett, Chief Global Officer of Prosci, speaks of the long-lasting partnership with the two organisations:
“At Prosci, we look for partners who are committed to helping customers achieve change success. Nexum Group and CMC Partnership Global have demonstrated this for many years and have been strong members of our partner community. We congratulate them on coming together and wish them the best as they go forward as one team. We continue to look forward to working with them.”