The Barracuda Company is a benchmark for electric bikes in Wallonia and Brussels in terms of choice, price and staff skills. The company currently operates 5 shops (Wavre, Waterloo, Drogenbos, Brussels and Woluwe), all specialising in electric bikes. The Barracuda Company operates under 2 distinct brands – “Barracuda” and “MyCityBike” – each with its own positioning and marketing approach. The 3 shops in Brussels are grouped under the MyCityBike brand, which is positioned in the electric city bike segment, while Barracuda, which includes Wavre and Waterloo, is more focused on the electric mountain bike and trail bike segment.

I chose to work with Profinpar to help me develop my business because their approach is firmly rooted in entrepreneurship. Their support model goes beyond the financial aspects: Profinpar involves entrepreneurs like me in its governance, which allows me to debate, exchange ideas and feed my thinking. It's very stimulating.

Frédéric VERBEECKCEO - The Barracuda Company