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A team and investors to support growth

Equity & talents

Profinpar combines “equity and talent“, with our investors-entrepreneurs who are willing to actively support the investments by giving them the benefit of their expertise and networks.

The fund is also financed by private family holding companies and institutional investors.

Active partnership

This is an active partnership, with Profinpar seeking to understand the partner company’s business model and to participate in defining and implementing a value-creating strategy and choosing the necessary resources.

Profinpar sits on the Board of Directors but does not take part in the day-to-day management, which is entrusted to a manager, shareholder or not, who enjoys autonomous management.

Ad hoc working group (management team + investor-entrepreneurs)
Invitation based on skills appropriate to the case
Support from the adhoc working group

Much more than equity

During the investment analysis phase, we set up an ad hoc working group involving a number of investor-entrepreneurs whose sectoral or functional skills have the potential to enrich the analysis. They contribute their entrepreneurial expertise and business insight to the analysis.

A catalyst for development

Once the investment has been made, this ad hoc working group supports the company’s management in its development by participating on the Board of Directors.

The notion of catalyst underpins Profinpar’s involvement.

So, with our investor-entrepreneurs, we set out a strategic plan that includes a business plan and a shareholder plan. This strategic support enables managers to break out of their isolation while providing them with the tools they need to deploy their managerial talents.

« I’m a great believer in luck, and I find that the harder I work, the luckier I get. »

Thomas Jefferson

Our DNA: differentiated venture capital that puts forward the skills of our investors and active partnerships