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Precimetal / Settas

Precision casting.



The future is change.



Industrial washers and spin-dryers.



Cosmetic product and brands.



The specialist in large electrical appliances.


Bicyclic / Barracuda / MyCityBike

Your bike shop.



Threat management.



Purchase, processing and sale of finished and semi-finished leather.


MiD Finance

Consumer credit, mortgage and insurance brokerage.


Current partnerships

Profinpar Fund has entered into partnership with the following companies by acquiring stakes in them:

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Castingpar (Precimetal-Settas)

Bicyclic Group (Bicyclic + Barracuda + MyCityBike)



Exited partnerships

Profinpar Fund has exited partnerships with the following companies :

You manage. We care.

ODB & Associés


MiD Finance

Nexum Group

In addition, as part of the investments made by deal clubs 1 and 2 between 1997 and 2016, Profinpar and its historic investors provided financial support and guidance to these companies.

Investment by stage of development and needs

  • Start-up : Visiglas
  • Growth : Balteau, Veramic, NGM, BKS
  • Transmission : Pineur, Etersol, RioTec, SMCE Reha, Federa, Connex Group
  • MBO : Ray & Berndtson Properties
  • Optimisation : IRM Group, Don-Bar, Medex

"Profinpar supported Balteau's development during an essential phase of relocation, diversification and expansion of its activities. We were able to count on a loyal partner who listened to the management team. Profinpar was a catalyst for Balteau's success right up to its integration into an international group, which facilitated the continued growth of this SME, which employed more than 100 people in 2017".

Vincent Pissartadministrateur délégué de Balteau s.a., filiale du Groupe CMI

"Visiglas, a specialist in machine vision control systems for transparent articles, was a micro-department of a Big4 when Profinpar supported an MBO of its management. Profinpar also had a stake in Veramic, Belgium's last remaining producer of pharmaceutical glassware. The synergies with Veramic enabled Visiglas to develop its products and sales by combining innovation and international development."

Etienne Botmanex CEO de Visiglas

"In 2006, Profinpar initiated the creation of Connex Group, which, following the consolidation of ±10 companies, has become a leader in the Belgian market. Profinpar played the role of initiator and facilitator of the process that led, after the merger, to the creation of a professional group of nearly 250 people generating more than €30m in sales."

Olivier DemoulinCEO Etac-Alarme Service